ALL for Mila

Mila Rončević

Apr 27th 2019.

Last week Mila celebrated her second birthday on another continent, far away from her loved ones yet she has never felt closer to us. Once again she reminded us to set priorities straight in our lives and to put things in perspective.

Few days back we received great news from Philadelphia. Mila’s medical condition has improved far beyond expectations. Fight for Mila’s life goes on with more incertainties yet to come. Good medical tretment, love, faith. We all have our own explanations for Mila’s suprisingly good condition at this point. They are the outcome of our personal beliefs. Diversity enriches our minds and teaches tolerance. In the end we all have the same goal - a longer and better life. Life for Mila


Apr 2nd 2019

Chapter one is finished, funds have been raised. Chapter two now begins, time for Mila to get well.

Thank you for enormous amount of love which has been given so unselfishly through your comments, messages and donations. It was overwhelming. There are no words to describe what exactly was going on the last couple of days, nor words to describe how grateful we are. The amount of positive energy and human empathy is just breathtaking.


Mar 29th 2019

Dear friends, this is Mila Rončević, daughter of our dear friend and cousin Marin Rončević and his wife Sanja. Mila is almost 2 years old and has been fighting leukemia for a year (acute myelogenous megakaryocytic leukemia AML M7) in Children’s Hospital Kantrida in Rijeka, Croatia. In Europe, a successful continuation of treatment is not possible and Mila's last chance of survival is treatment at Children's Hospital of Philadelphia. The cost of treatment is $ 2.8 mil USD that need to be payed before the treatment even begins. Every dollar is welcome and every minute is important. Mila’s time is limited and it’s important she starts the therapy as soon as possible.

We thank you for your huge engagement so far, our hearts are full and we can’t believe how many people are involved!

❤️ #Milaforlife ❤️

Humanitarian activities supported by #lifeformila fund raising

Apr 27th 2019   NORIN PRVI KORAK - 811.600,00 kn

Donation accounts

Concluding with Apr 25th 2019.

Donation account Marin Rončević 13.349.754,17 KN ~421.418,78 EUR (incl. other currencies) 2.326.000,00 USD  payed CHOP bill Apr 1st 2019 Foundation account Nora Šitum 5.614.738,63 KN Crowd Funding (-5%) 43.774,10 USD Family house mortgage 115.000,00 EUR Liquid funds in KN equivalent have been transferred to the donation account Marin Rončević. TOTAL ~5.832.683,74 USD Information source: Family Rončević, Foundation Nora Šitum and Indiegogo Crowd funding for Mila.